Open House – 2016

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St. Joseph Trail Life Troop OR-1531 had their first open house on December 20, 1016.  After an opening prayer, the fathers and boys were introduced to the Trail Life motto, “Walk Worthy” and the oath.  A brief presentation was given about the overall structure of Trail Life USA and then some upcoming events were discussed.

In January, OR-1531 will spend Saturday morning (January 28) at St. Joseph helping to clean the grounds as a part of Trail Life USA’s drive for troops to give back.  OR-1531 will receive recognition for their efforts.  All the boys were excited when they heard about the spring hikes and July Trail Life Regional Roundup at Camp Roganunda, Naches, WA.

Six boys joined the troop, and they were encouraged to come back with the Trail Life motto, oath, and pledge of allegiance memorized for the next meeting.  An informal round of foos ball was held by the boys as the fathers discussed details of future OR-1531 events.

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