Men of Honor are Always Ready to Help

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The theme of last night’s meeting was “men of honor are always ready to help.” We spent some time talking about honor and why people are honored.  The athlete is honored when he wins.  The pop musician is honored when people buy her music, or in the case of the classically trained musician performs flawlessly. The Soldier for bravery, the businessman for selling.  We talked about how all of these things were good.  The musician should play well, the Soldier be brave, the athlete, strong.  It is good that people are honored for excellence, or “arete” as the Greeks called it.

The boys were asked how people are honored, and they threw out a number of examples: trophies, applause, money, authority, and awards.  When the question was posed, should we seek honor for these things one of the boys, only 8 years old, said we should do the right thing for the greater honor and glory of God. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

We also talked about knights, and how they lived a life of honor.  The knight errant, seeking only to do the good, to serve those in need.  It was there that we tied Honor and Service together with the search for Arete!  Of course there is no better way to serve that to learn how to tie knots.  All of the boys learned the classic square knot and the handy slip knot.  After playing a game to “toss your shoe,” each boy was sent home with a length of rope to teach someone at home what he learned!

“Get wisdom, because it is better than gold: and purchase prudence, for it is more precious than silver.” Proverbs 16:16


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