A Patriotic Walk

St. Joseph Trail Life Troop 1531 woke up early Saturday morning for a patriotic walk around Salem.  The boys began the day with the trail life oath and a prayer and then set out for several war memorials.  They visited memorials honoring the veterans of WWII, the Korean War, and the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  They also visited statues of John McLaughlin, a devout Catholic and the “Father of Oregon,” and Governor Tom McCall, a WWII vet and noted steward of Creation.  To round out their hike, they visited a replica of the Liberty Bell.  After their 3 1/2 miles hike, “duty to country” had a little more meaning.

It was also an opportunity for the boys to check their gear for next months 7 1/2 mile hike around Silver Creek Falls.  The boys made a shelter out of a rope and poncho, using their knot tying skills for the last meeting. They also understood the importance of comfortable yet sturdy shoes, water, snacks, and layers!

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