Building a Wood Duck Box

Finishing the month of March, where pioneering skills were the theme, the boys of Trail Life Troop OR-1531 learned about a variety of tools and built a nesting box for wood ducks.  Gerry Pavelek guided the boys through the process of building the nesting box, ensuring each of them had several turns at the power tools.  He had the patience of a grandfather (which he is).  He also described the habitat of Wood Ducks, how they will use the nesting box, and the benefits of having an increased population of ducks in the area.

The meeting’s Bible verse was from Proverbs: “All hard work brings profit, but mere talk leads on to poverty. Proverbs 14:23.”  Not only did this tie into the challenges of building something now for the future and pioneering in general, but reminded the boys that they had a seven-mile hike around Silver Falls Park that Saturday!

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