Shelter from a Storm

The boys of St. Joseph Troop OR-1531 had another successful meeting.  Despite having to move their meeting outdoors, the fickle Oregon weather was perfect as the boys jumped right into April and April’s theme – Camping skills.

After prayer, the pledge, and recitation of the Trail Life oath, the boys shared their experiences camping, and discussed what makes a good campsite.  They also spoke about what they should do if they are ever lost in the woods, and how to build an impromptu shelter.  theory was put into practice as the troop was divided and each team set off to different parts of the property to build “their” shelter.

Boys from OR-1531 sit beneath their shelter composed of a fallen log, branches, and fir boughs.
After holding a vote, these OR-1531 boys found a log and s significant number of branches to create a shelter from wind and rain.

After looking at each shelter, all the boys paired up and ran a relay race, tying different knots at each station.  After their evening in the woods, both boys and dad’s were ready to call it a night!

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