Awards and Relays

On April 18th, St. Joseph Troop OR-1531 returned to their usual location for their second regular meeting of April.  The theme of the meeting was “creepy Crawlies” and was the first time the boys were working on their science and technology branch.  However before delving into this subject the Troop presented a few of the boys their first award, the Hawk Branch Patch, signifying their understanding and commitment to the values of Trail Life and St. Joseph’s.

Two recipients of the Hawk Branch Award.  They were required to recite the Trailman Oath, the Pledge of Allegiance, and select prayers by memory.

It was surprising how much the boys knew collectively about animals and insects!  From anatomy to environment, their time spent watching documentaries and pouring over encyclopedias was well spent.  We try to tie all of our activities and discussions back to the Trail Life oath.  Connections were made between knowledge of creation with being a good steward of creation.  the boys also came up with some interesting practical uses for bug lore…

The night’s activity was a creepy crawly relay.  After spending some time explaining and demonstrating what a relay was, the boys did a relay.  Except they had imitate the insect picture shows (crawl/squiggle/crabwalk).  The boys left happy, tired, and a little closer to God and one another.

The first legs of the relay do their best imitation of some creepy crawly bug, much to the amusement of their teammates.


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