A Run in the Park

Cops and Robbers pause after a few rounds of capture the flag (actually a bag).  The last round was dads against boys!

Troop OR 1531 took advantage of being so near the capitol and the good weather, ending their meeting with a version of capture the flag, where the boys took turns playing “cops and robbers.”

The theme of the meeting was the laws of our nation.  I was surprised how deeply rooted the boy’s appreciation of the Ten Commandments were.  As a lawyer, I thought I would be able to direct the discussion, but the path they took me was much better.  The original plan was to discuss the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and we did get there – eventually.  The boys wanted the complete picture – which I did my best to provide them:

Aquias and the Law

Parents know that in order to get a serious picture, it’s best to promise the kids an opportunity to have a silly or crazy one afterwards.  Here, the boys (and some dads) of OR-1531 do their best.

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