Trailmen Attend ODFW Outdoor Youth Day

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A Trailman’s growing mastery of various aspects of manhood are tracked through “branches.”  Although the emphasis of Trail Life is not awards (the goal is not for a trailman to look like a dictator), but rather spiritual and character growth through real experiences and adventure, when they complete a branch they are recognized.  Usually, the boys get two “leaves” punched out for each meeting or adventure.  Occasionally, there is an opportunity for the boys to get “extra credit” toward completion of a particular branch.  The Outdoor Youth Day was one such event

The Youth Outdoor Day is a unique event designed to give the youth of Oregon a place to learn about conservation of habitat, hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities.  Hosted by Oregon Wildlife, Youth Outdoor Day offers an array of hands-on activities where kids can experience and learn about wildlife conservation, hunting, fishing, wilderness survival and the great outdoors.

On June 10, 2017, three Trailman and their siblings braved the steady drizzle attended this years Youth Outdoor Day.  The took part in many activities and exhibits, including:

  • Archery clinic (no personal bows allowed)
  • Predator and waterfowl calling
  • Wood duck box  and birdhouse construction
  • Wildlife and reptile displays
  • Duck decoy painting
  • Elk calling, skulls and hides
  • Furs and pelts
  • Hunter safety mini course
  • Laser BB gun shoot
  • Fly casting and fly tying
  • Outdoor cooking with Dutch Ovens (bread and peach cobbler)
  • Wild sheep and mountain goat display
  • Dog training and demonstrations
  • Willamette Pleistocene fossils (including mammoth tusks)

Each of the boys had a different favorite exhibit, but agreed that the day was well spent. The skills and strengthened friendships gained that day will serve these young men well as they continue their journey to Christian manhood.

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