New Families are Welcomed

On September 7, Troop OR-1531 had their open house for the 2017-18 year.  It was a time for introductions and the renewing of friendships.  They began with an opening prayer, the Trail Life oath, and pledge of allegiance.  Afterwards, some of the highlights from their first year adventures (including the troop campout and the regional roundup), regular meetings (fishing, wood duck boxes, knots), and service projects (Church cleanup) were shared for the families new to Trail Life.  There was a nuts-and-bolts presentation about the national and local organizational structure and an introduction into some of the ideas for the year.

There were several families from surrounding parishes and were drawn to Trail Life’s adventure focus and solid Christian vision.  At a time when the spirit of the age has swept up many organizations, Trail Life has a clear mission and vision that nests within those of St. Joseph Catholic Church’s stated mission…

Trail Life’s Mission is:

Our mission is to guide generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure.

St. Joseph’s Mission is:

Our mission, in service of Jesus and the Universal Church, is to make our Parish a Center of Catholic Life in the Valley, thus bringing forth God’s Love, Light, and Life in order that all are invited to follow Him. 

TL Open House (2017)

After the presentation each of the Trailmen went around and share one of their favorite events from last year.  Most of them enjoyed the camping, canoeing, and archery, but knots were also mentioned.  After a robust and friendly question and answer session snacks were distributed, the boys played some foosball while the adults continued to chat.

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