Virtues and Values

On September 19, OR-1531 had their first regular meeting where they explored the idea of Christian Virtue.  Although the materials provided by Trail life referenced “values” OR-1531 was able to draw upon their rich Catholic intellectual tradition and explore what is a virtue, what are the virtues, and how can we grow in virtue.  Ask any Trailman in OR-1531, and he will tell you “a good habit,” or as St. Thomas would say, “habitus operativus bonus.”  There are two Trailmen particularly well catechized who were able to identify the theological and cardinal virtues, displayed below.

Virtue Graphic

The boys broke up into four smaller groups where they took turns role playing “Dad” instructing his “Son” to do various chores.  The number of actors, delving deep into their roles, was substantial.  The experiences here were tied to the virtues of obedience for the sons and patience for the dads!

Although it wasn’t necessarily the highlight of the evening, and robust game of “get the bacon” got the boys laughing, running, and building an esprit de corps that will serve them well when, as a group, fortitude is called for.


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