Adventure: Hiking the Falls

OR-1531 had their first adventure of the new year, visiting ten waterfalls as they hiked around Silver Falls State Park.  Given the beauty of the falls and trail it is not surprising that this is becoming something of a tradition for these Trailman.

The difficult terrain tested the boys and brought to mind the lesson they learned from their first regular meeting on virtue.  Fortitude was called for as the muscles burned along the upward climbs. Prudence was needed when walking alongside a cliff. The boys were challenged to be polite to other hikers, look them in the eyes, and saying “good morning.”  St. Theresa of Calcutta said that peace begins with a smile, and I saw these strangers respond to the Trailmens’ happy greeting.

There were cave to explore, snacks to share, the occasional stone to toss, and the evidence of a Good God everywhere. Even after five miles of rolling terrain, the boys managed to play a few rounds of freeze tag before returning home.  The dads had their share of good conversation, and even may have been more tuckered out than the boys by the end.

OR-1571 take a break behind a waterfall to rest their feet, eat a snack, and explore the small caves.
OR-1531 at their goofiest.
The remains of an ancient Douglas Fir require a bit of examining and climbing for these Trailmen.


The boys found slumbering bats in several of the lava tubes.


The water proved irresistible to boys intent on seeking out the details of God’s creation.
One of the many waterfalls at Silver Falls State Park.



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