Adventure: Out and About

For OR-1531’s November adventure, the Trailmen braved the outdoors to work on their Outdoor branch, through orienteering and constructing makeshift shelters.

Generally speaking, Orienteering is the ability to traverse an unknown area using whatever tools one has available.  However, in some places, Orienteering is a competitive sport where teams race across difficult terrain usings maps and compasses.  For OR-1531, this first exposure to this important outdoor skill was a little of both.

After receiving their maps and breaking up into teams, the boys set out.  With the aid of a map and the use of landmarks, each teams had to find various points through fields, woods, and water.  The boys were often seen running from point to point, working hard to ensure the direction of their feet matched the desired location on the map.  They had to be wary of the false points scattered about.

After all the teams beat the course, OR-1531 regrouped and built a few temporary structures using items the boys had brought with them.  In an earlier adventure the boys had built structures out of materials available in the forest.  They immediately saw the advantages of having some rope and a poncho to keep dry and out of the wind.  With their class on knots fresh in their mind, it was not difficult for them to arrange adequate shelters.


All cold days outside end with a hot dog roast for OR-1531!


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