Adventure: Go West Young Man!

On December 16, 2017, St. Joseph Trial Life Troop went to the End of the Oregon Trail Museum in Oregon City, OR.  For many, this was the final step needed to complete their Heritage branch.

The Oregon Trail was a 2,170-mile historic wagon route beginning in Independence, Missouri and ending in Oregon City.  From 1832 until the continental rail road was constructed in 1869, the Oregon Trail was used by over 400,000 settlers.

After a rambunctious ride up I-5, where the boys sang, laughed, and joked around, they spent some time looking at the outdoor exhibits.  Each Trailman found an exhibit they found interesting and gave a short presentation to the rest of the troop.

The ride north to the museum was quite loud – but in a surprisingly good way.  There was a lot of signing, including Christmas songs the boys learned in choir, as well as some … originals.
Here, one of the Trailmen gives a presentation to the Troop on geography encountered by settlers traveling the Oregon Trail and a volcanic eruption.

The boys enjoyed the many interactive exhibits that include period games, candle dipping, pack a wagon, dressing like a pioneer, and an early schoolhouse. The End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center offered the “Bound for Oregon” featured film, narrated by John McLaughlin, a Father of Oregon and a devout Catholic.



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