Trailmen Hold Honor Court

On January 2, 2018, OR-1531 held their first honor court at St. Joseph Catholic Church to recognize the accomplishments of several Trailmen.  After the opening prayer and flag ceremony, Trailmen and their families settled down, as the Woodlands Program and the system of recognizing accomplishments was explained to the audience.


Many of the boys had completed their heritage branch. The Heritage branch was described as follows:

Just as the roots form the foundation of the tree. Heritage forms the foundation of the person. It is the roots that allow the tree to grow straight and tall and secure it against strong winds and storms. Your roots will grow longer and stronger the more you know about your family’s history, the heritage of our country, and the history of the Church and Scripture.

The boys were very excited to receive their awards.  Adding to the excitement, many of them were wearing their Trail Life uniform for the first time.  Afterwards, the families socialized over a shared meal and the boys and their siblings played some games.

Two Foxes earn branch pins.
Trailmen and their Dad’s explain the different branches.
Trailmen get ready for the opening flag ceremony.
OR-1531 stands and recites the Trailman oath.
A Mountain Lion receives his Heritage branch pin.

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