The Boy Scouts Drop the Boys

The organization known as the Boy Scouts for over 108 years, has unveiled it’s long awaited name change to “Scouts BSA.”  [The name itself is odd, since “BSA” is an acronym for “Boy Scouts of America,” meaning their new name is the “Scouts Boy Scouts of America.”]  The only thing I find surprising about this development are the number of people surprised.  In 2013, the Scouts BSA made a policy statement that homosexual and heterosexual lifesytles are equivalents.  In 2015, they permitted adults living a homosexual lifestyle to serve as leaders.  In 2017,  biological girls who thought they were boys were permitted to join.  The only group not permitted to join the Scouts BSA are atheists.  Who will be surprised when this happens?

It is clear that boys in the United States are struggling as a whole.  Boys are far more likely to be incarcertaed, commit suicide, fail to graduate from high school, and suffer addicitions of one type or another.  Christina Sommers’s “The War Against Boys” along with other book titles like  “Boys Adrift,” “The Richer Sex,” “The End of Men,” “The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It,” and “Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream – and Why It Matters” spell this out with brutal detail.    Scouting was one area where boys could revel in boyhood and learn from thei fathers, uncles, and other good men how to brave, decent, strong, and independent gentlemen.

It is clear that “Scouts BSA” is an organization completely adrift.  It has lost a million members in the last decade, and with the withdrawal of Mormon support stands to lose another third.  It is clear that these changes were designed for two reasons, and they are both financial.  First, the Scouts BSA was losing corporate sponsorship over their stance on practicing homosexuality.  After they accomodated the corporate left, the specter of losing mormon, and to a lesser extent evangelical and orthodox Catholic membership, caused them to double their potential membershp base.  Why do they need all this money?  In part it’s due to BSA salaries, from $200,000 at the council level up to nearly $1,000,000 at the national level.

The Scouts BSA hasn’t made any changes in curriculum or structure in anticipation of this change.  They have accepted the nihilist dogmatic statement of faith that biological sex doesn’t matter in direct contradition of the scientific evidence, human experience, and common sense.  Moreover, this is not about creating a better program, or better serving their current members.  It’s about bringing in new members so they can continue to make payroll.

Does the inclusion of girls in Scouts BSA help boys?

“Get over it,” said Kevin Aldrich, a member-at-large of the Del-Mi District, part of the Crossroads of America Council for the Boy Scouts of America. “The scout program is the finest youth program in the world and there’s no reason to not be co-ed. There is every reason to be co-ed. The Future Farmers of America is co-ed. 4-H is co-ed. Band in school is co-ed. There’s no valid reason not to be co-ed.”

I am thankful that my boys are Trailmen, and my efforts and money are supporting an organization that furthers my efforts to raise men of character.

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