Trail Life Listed on Archdiocesean Website

There is good news for Trailmen and their supporters!  Trail Life is now specifically recognized as a youth scouting program supporting the Archdiocese’s work to minister to young men.  At OR-1531, the young men seek to encounter Christ, deepen their faith, and become compelling witnesses of the Gospel!  They do this when serving at Mass, walking behind waterfalls, carrying banners during eucharistic processions, singing the Salve Regina around a campfire, sumiting peaks, and living the Trailman Virtues.

Having a Trail Life Troop at a parish is seen as an “excellent opportunit[y] for the Church to pass on the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children and youth through her life and rich tradition of faith, morals, leadership development, pastoral care, prayer and worship, and service.”

PDX Trail Life
The statement of values for Trail Life is listed on the Archdiocesean website.  Parishes that want to have Trail Life as a part of their faith and vocation formation for young men should contact David Wendell at



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