Trailman on Patrol

Flag making
The Adventurer Patrol designs their flag.

During campouts, Troop OR-1531 employs the “Patrol” method.  Upon check-in each boy is assigned a patrol, where he will spend much of his time participating in activities and performing service for the Troop.   “Outdoor adventures are best experienced with other people. By having a Patrol, younger boys experience things and accomplish tasks that they normally would not be able to on their own.  The patrol method forms courage within boys as they step out in front of their peers and tackle a task or responsibility. The Patrol Method allows older boys to encourage the younger boys. Through multiple encouraging experiences, not only are skills developed but virtue also.”

The boys, with some mentorship from their dad leader, set about getting organized, coming up with a name and chant, design a flag or banner, and look at the tasks their patrol is assigned during the campout.  Each patrol is responsible for various duties including meal preparation, clean-up, and entertainment (putting on skids, leading songs, etc.).  With smaller groups, each boy has the opportunity to be a leader and take a more active role in completing tasks.  A certain esprit de corps is built, as each patrol sings (or shouts) their cheer or chant going to and coming from each station.

The Explorer Patrol looking over a possible skit for Campfire.
The Griffin Patrol talking over what the eventual name of their patrol would be, as well as their patrol chant.
The Tomahawk patrol shows off their lashing skills.


The Tomahawk Patrol practicing their skit, “The Greatest Spitter”.
The Adventurer Patrol practicing their skit, “Who Sneezed”.

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