A Weekend at the Coast

On 22-23 September, the Trailmen of Troop OR-1531 went camping at the coast.  After a brief summer hiatus, it was the best way for the Trailmen to become reacquainted with one another, meet some new Trailmen, and brush up on their outdoor skills.

Prior to setting up camp, the Trailmen spent some time at the North Lincoln County Historical Museum.  There were three different areas within the museum.  The boys were given a “scavenger hunt” list by the museum, and the boys were placed in pairs to see if they could find everything. The first displayed many native American artifacts and told the story of the first people to settle in the area.  Having just completed a class on simple tools, the Trailmen were impressed with the ingenuity of the native Americans, doing so much with the simple materials they were able to gather.  The second part of the museum consisted of the story of the pioneers who came from the Eastern part of the United States.  The boys were very impressed with the giant reciprocating saw the pioneers had fashioned.  The third part of the museum was on the second floor and was more hands-on.  It consisted of many items from the 40s to 60s, including a giant (defused) Japanese sea mine that washed up on the shore of Lincoln County!


The Troop still had some time before they could set up camp, so after eating their sack lunches on the beach, headed for a quick hike on Spyglass Ridge.  It had a deep forest feel, and the boys needed the opportunity to stretch their legs after the drive to the coast and time in the museum.  In fact, it was almost as much of a run as a hike, the boys were so enthusiastic.  In the middle the hike, we even had a short tutorial on making trail signs to ensure you don’t lose your way.

At this point, we were ready to set up camp, and get ready for the next day.  Once the tents were up, the boys were broken up to patrols, with the older Trailmen leading.  One patrol lashed together some tripods for cooking, while the other Patrol made the now much beloved Trailman Stew and some Corn on the Cob and potatoes.  We had a long day ahead of us, so the Trailmen went to bed around midnight – with plenty of excitement provided by a family of raccoons who dragged several Totes into the bushes (which they were unable to open).

On Sunday the Trailmen broke camp after breakfast (made by the Trailmen), and headed to Cascade Head for their hike.  The pictures tell the story of how beautiful it was.  the Trailmen exercised the TREAD lightly principles, and many fellow hikers comments to me how polite the boys were.  It is so rare these days for a young man to look a stranger in the eye, exercise courtesy, and say “good morning.”

After the end of the hike, we rushed to the coast where we met up with many families and Fr. Jonah Lynch were waiting.  After a potluck meal and a game of ultimate Frisbee for those who weren’t combing the beach, we had Mass at the beach.  A perfect conclusion to a wonderful September camp out.


  1. Thanks for letting posting these awesome pictures of this campout for Trail Men. It was great reading about their weekend. The young men are very fortunate to belong to Trail Life.


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