Imitating a Saint Through Service

Trail Life Troop OR-0315, part of St. Edwards in North Plains, OR, traveled to Vancouver, WA to volunteer with the Pier Giorgio Agape Ministry at the Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater. The Pier Giorgio Agape Ministry volunteers host the “Frassati supper” a hot meal on Thursdays for those in need. This is one example of how Trailmen can serve the community while advancing as a Trailman.  For Troop OR-315, it was also the perfect was to emulate their Troop’s patron, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.


“O merciful God,
Who through the perils of the world
deigned to preserve by Your grace Your
servant Pier Giorgio Frassati pure of heart
and ardent of charity, listen, we ask You,
to our prayers and, if it is in Your designs
that he be glorified by the Church,
show us Your will, granting us the graces
we ask of You, through his intercession,
by the merits of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.”

+Maurillo, Archbishop of Turin

OR-1531 and OR-315 have had several joint events, including a campout in Oregon and two Roundups in Washington and Idaho.

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