A Final Walk in the Sun!

he Trailmen of OR-1531 have hiked the Silver Falls trails many times over the years, in all the seasons. The boys stop at familiar places and often remark how different a place looks in the rain, covered in ice, at the height of summer. A dry, warm hike in late October is a rare gift, and everyone made the most of it.

Unlike years in the past, the Troop did the entire 7 mile loop, and for several of the boys, they had completed a six mile hike the day before at Opal Creek. Before setting out, the principles of TREAD lightly and went over the course. The hike itself went as expected. Given the dry autumn weather, the Troop noticed how thin and silky the waterfalls were this time around. However, the low water did give the boys the opportunity to search for crawdads and throw the football beneath Double Falls. At the conclusion of the hike the boys shared some of the things they enjoyed about the hike, including being with friends, praying with other boys, spending time with their dads, and discovering interesting wildlife.

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