Weapons the Old Way

The Trailmen of OR-1531 had a lot of fun last night.  Why?  The theme was ancient weapons!  The different patrols made three types of ancient weapons, swords, bows, and catapults.  There was a certain degree of seriousness as they set about to design and construct the weapon of their choice, because afterwards there were challenges to determine who was the mightiest of all.  First were the swords (made of PVC pipe, foam, and duct tape).  The swordsmen were graded on their accuracy in striking as well as ability to parry.  Next in line were the bowmen.  This was ultimately a test in whose bow didn’t break!  Finally, the catapults were rolled out.  Before them was a castle, populated by dinosaurs – of the plastic sort.  Each dinosaur struck was a point.  The winners were able to have first pick of a plastic dinosaur!

What was the purpose of this meeting?  Of course, it is good for the men-to-be to have fun, and it is important for each of them to have strong relationships with other good young men.  They learned about force, motion, and balance and were able to familiarize themselves with some tools they hadn’t used before.  As we summarized the lesson we read from Joshua 6:1-20 about the story of Joshua, Israel, and Jericho. What did God command them to do? The boys shared why it important to follow God’s commands in the story (the walls came tumbling down) and in their lives.


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