Up Up and Away

Troop OR-1531 has a great time building rockets and watching them go up, up, and up into space.  Neither sons nor father were entirely confident that it would work, but each homemade rocket went at least 50 feet into the air (sometimes on the second try).

Look at (and listen to) the enthusiasm of the boys (although this particular attempt there was too much water, we when we relaunched the rocket it went 5 times higher)!


This lesson was part of the Trail Life Science and Technology branch.  The boys are really enjoying this hands on explanation of God’s creation (and the underlying law of physics).  We ended with Psalm 8:3 and discussed how God created the stars and everything in space for us to explore and share.  On that beautiful, fun night it was a lesson well received by the Trailmen of OR-1531 (and their dads).


A patrol making their rocket.  Adults advise, but it’s up to the boys to design and do the work!
Every meeting has a little movement in it.  It never takes all the energy out of the group, but it does help!

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