Symbols of Our Nation

On the last regular meeting in November, the Trailmen of OR-1531 learned a little bit about their heritage by examining our Nations Symbols.  After the flag ceremony and prayer the boys got moving by playing the persevering penny game – working in teams to get coins across the floor and into a bucket – using only their foot.  The boys really need this activity before settling down and it builds esprit de corps.

The focus of the meeting was national symbols, and it was largely Trailman led.  The Trailmen knew that America has many national symbols, and were able to identify the National Bird (the Bald Eagle), famous buildings like the Lincoln Memorial and the Statute of Liberty, and monuments like Mt. Rushmore.  the leaders had some pictures of national symbols ready, but they boys were able to identify all of them and then some.

After the discussion, the Trailmen then went to different stations run by dad’s and various symbols were explored in depth (our currency, the Great Seal, the flag) and discussions were had about which symbols were appropriate and why.  The Troop ended with prayer and a renewed commitment to follow the Motto of the United States, “In God We Trust.”

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