Fun in the Cold

After a successful fundraiser, Troop OR-1531 headed to the mountains to enjoy more of Oregon’s beauty.  It really was a time for the boys to just to enjoy one another’s company and get some exercise.

After using the rope to get pulled up once, the Trailmen avoided the lines and trudged up the hill to get more runs down.
Smiles after making it to the bottom of the slopes and before heading up the hill for another go.
The cabin was the place for the Trailmen to warm up, share snacks, and tell others that we are Trailmen, not scouts.  Surprisingly, they did not spend that much time inside.
A fox enjoying himself in the snow.
A Hawk and Navigator enjoying one another’s company.
A Hawk on the front end of thawing out before having a snack in the cabin.
When asked how he was enjoying himself, this Mountain Lion gave a thumbs up, since his mouth was otherwise occupied.
These Trailmen are dressed properly for the mountains.
Trailmen in thaw mode.

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