Catholic Troop Meetup – 2019

Trailmen from OR-1531 line up for the retrieval of the colors.

In June, St. Joseph Troop OR-0315 joined other Catholic Troops in the area, OR-1531, WA-0360 and WA-0314, at the Brigittine Monastery for a weekend of camping, prayer, and fun.   With Mass on Saturday and Sunday, along with confession and adoration and religious talks by two priests, a brother, and a Troopmaster it was undoubtedly an amazing time of spiritual growth.  However, with boat races, fishing, ga-ga ball, human foosball, a night time capture the flag, Trailman were having so much fun that it didn’t feel like Sunday school!

Evening is always a special time during a Trail Life Campout, and it was no exception this weekend. As evening approached Trailmen lit the campfire and the Troops settled down.  Each Troop did their spirited best to out skit and sing one another.  The skits stretch each young man to lean how to speak in public.  Each Trailman from OR-1531 was a part of at least one skit during the weekend. Things always start out rambunctious, but with the encroaching darkness, everyong eventually settles down to listen – first a talk, followed by a rosary, and the Salve Regina.  Then it’s time for cracker-barrel (a late night snack and opportunity for fellowship) and some nighttime capture the flag.

It was such a positive experience that all agreed to meet up again next summer!

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The Trailmen had time to fish and canoe during the weekend.  Four Trailmen from OR-1531 woke up at 5 a.m. to get some more fishing in on Sunday.
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Trailmen always seek to serve.  During the weekend, the Troops were able to complete several service projects for the Brigittine Brothers.
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Trailmen took part in the liturgical life of the brothers during two processions, marching smartly in uniform, with drums, banners, and flags.  The first procession, on Saturday, was in honor of Our Lady of Consolation.  The second was for the Corpus Christi Feast Day!
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Trailmen had time to go to confession and adoration during the weekend.
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There were four talks throughout the weekend.  Here, Brother Steven, shares the story of his vocation and what it means to live a life as a religious.
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Trailmen are most attentive in the evening, around the campfire.  Fr. Peter presented the Trailmen with a compelling story about faith and the Eucharist.
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Everyone attended Mass on Saturday and Sunday.
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Human Foosball was a new addition to the CTM.
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Ga Ga Ball remained a popular game.  The rules are simple. There is a ball in the Octagonal arena, and if the ball hits a Trailman below the waist he needs to get out.  Also, you can only hit the ball once until someone else hits it, or it hits the wall.



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