Nite-Hike at Mt. Rainier

Trailmen from OR-1531 (St. Joseph) and WA-314 (Our Lady Star of the Sea) show confidence as they begin their Nike-hike.  30 minutes later it was pitch dark and raining!

Troop OR-1531 joined other Troops in the NW for a Camporee in the Mt. Rainier National Forest.  Undoubtedly, the highlight of the weekend was a nite-hike, where the boys had to find points on a map in the dark using only a map and compass.  Along the way, there were clues to find and stations with ominous sounding names like “the Bear Hunt” and “Shelob’s Lair” where patrols could score points.

Earlier that day, each patrol (groups of Trailmen, usually of the same age and Troop) went through stations where they were able to refine their compass, map, rope, and fire starting skills.  In the Afternoon, there was a series of field games.  all along the patrols were assessed and awarded points based on performance and attitude.  OR-1531 was the top scorer for their age bracket!

Despite the cold and occasional dampness, the Trailmen from OR-1531 and their dad’s had a wonderful time, surrounded by God’s beautiful creation.  They prayed, worked, and played together, returning from the mountains one step closer to growing into holy men!

Trailmen discuss what they are learning about pace counts, compasses, and maps.
A Trailman enjoying some lunch before field day.
A patrol of Woodlands attempt to pull down the mighty adventurer Patrol.  They lost, but remained cheerful – and the adventurers were magnanimous in victory.

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