A Trailman has Fun

A Trailman honors God.  A Trailman learns.  A Trailman works.  But a Trailman also takes some time to have pure fun!  Every regular meeting has five elements, the six “Fs.”  Each meeting has a topic (Focus).  Each Focus is tied to a Forrest award.  There is a hands on, practical exercise (Fingers).  There is not only prayer at the beginning and end of a meeting, but a lesson about how our Faith augments and is strengthen by what we learned.  There is something for the Trailman to bring back to his Family.  And there is Fun, at each meeting.

A Trailman has Fun, at every meeting and at every adventure.  This doesn’t mean that he isn’t stretched.  They will be tired, sore, wet, cold, hot, bitten, hungry, and challenged during their adventures (at times), particularly as they get older.  However, that just makes the play and silliness that much more joyful.

There is nothing more fun for a Trailman that going against the Dads!
All young men crave a certain amount of competition.



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