Antique Powerland Museum

Troop OR-1531 has visited many museums, but Antique Powerland was, by far, the most impressive.  Antique Powerland (Powerland Heritage Park) is actually a confederation of over twenty different museums dedicated in some way to preserving Oregon’s rich agricultural heritage, and all of which seem geared for the curious Trailman.  It was off-season, but several dedicated volunteers came on the rainy Saturday morning to share with the Trailmen their passion.

One of the Troop’s favorite museums was the Pacific Northwest Truck Museum.  There are two large buildings containing trucks starting from 1912 through the present, that show the progression and development of trucks and their history.  The boys learned a lot about mechanics, history, and life in general while walking around and listening to the guide.

Another interesting museum was operated by the the Brooks Historical Society.  As if it wasn’t cool enough that the museum was in an old Trail Depot, There were historical artifacts encompassing pioneer life as lived in the Willamette Valley.  

It was the unanimous consensus of the Troop to return in sunny weather and learning even more about Oregon, Agriculture, and our history.

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