Foxes Having Fun

Trail Life uses the “carrot cake” approach when it comes to Faith.  Trail Life is not Sunday School – that would be a bowl of carrots.  Trail Life is not a secular outdoor adventure organization with an optional faith component.  That would be like eating some cake and then having a carrot.  For Trail Life, the boys are learning about their Faith throughout the entire program.  Everything in Trail Life is intentional in that way, whether it’s a hike or a regular meeting.

Sometimes, this can be a challenge with foxes, the youngest Trailmen.  Five and Six year olds have a tendency to wiggle and run about, so you are not going to have their attention too long.  This is offset by one benefit of Trail Life, all ages of Trailmen begin and end their meetings together.  The foxes see the example of the Navigators and Adventurers.

A Trailman is a good steward of Creation.  Some foxes stand in front of the largest black cottonwood Tree in the United States as they go for a hike.  The Navigators were at the park working on their Trail Skills badge, using a map and compass to navigate a six mile hike, and their younger brothers wanted to hike themselves.  
During meetings there is a little learning, but the dads usually break the class up into stations, so the foxes have to get up a move.  Luckily for Troop OR-1531, they also have access to the gym below their meeting space.

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