10 Miles

The Trailmen of OR-1531 really got their steps in. In preparation for an upcoming 13 mile Lenten pilgrimage this Ash Wednesday and a future 20 mile hike, the Trailmen have begun adding up the miles.

The began their hike in Minto Brown Park, a beautiful nature refuge the runs alongside the Willamette River. Due to high water some paths were flooded, but the park is large enough they were able to, with map and compass in hand, adjust. During this portion of the hike they were able to enjoy nature and wildlife. Coming across a fishing pond, some of the Trailmen decided to return and fish a few days later.

Headed into the city, we pause for a group photo.

Taking advantage of the new bridge linking Minto Brown Park to Riverfront Park, The Trailmen made their way into civilization about 6 miles into their hike.  It was also a time to refill water bottles, eat food, and use the restroom.  Several boys put on new socks…. Since they had brought them.  It was then across another bridge into a third park, Wallace Marine. From her the boys doubled back and headed to St. Joseph.

The men taking this journey with the boys laughed at how, as they approached the end, the pace went faster and faster. It was evident that there was still some energy to expend. Much to the men’s amazement, they Trailmen the proceeded to run around, playing games, until their rides showed up.

However, the next day after Mass, several spoke of sore legs and feet. #walkworthy

Trailmen returning from Wallace Marine park. Only 2 miles to go!

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