Worthy Derby Results

On 25 February 2020, Troop OR-1531 had its third annual Worthy Derby.  The previous month, each Trailman, with the guidance of his father (or mother or older brother), shaped, weighted, decorated, and tested his car.

As Troop OR-1531 grows and matures, these events get better and better.  First, the Worthy Derby was held in the gymnasium.  Not only did this allow room for everyone to move about (as opposed to the rectory basement), but before and after the event there was a dads vs. Trailmen half court basketball game.  An unofficial motto of Trail Life is “Let Boys be Boys” and this includes dads.

The second improvement was the derby track.  The original derby track from St. Joseph’s, built in 1964, has made it’s way back to the church, along with some electronics.  This was a vast improvement over the track used the last two years that had the tendency to spit the occasional car off the track.

Trailmen gather to take a look at how their vehicles stacks up to the competition before racing begins.
The strictest guidelines regarding measurements (weights/height/length) were enforced.  Only a few vehicles needed last second modifications.
A few words from the first officer before the racing begins.
The Troopmaster adds a few words.
This was the first year that Troop OR-1531 had a real Worthy Derby track.  The previous one was perhaps a little more exciting, since there was a 20% chance that the car would flip off the track.
The TML gives an award for best design to a Trailman.
Trailmen (at least most of them) pose for a group photo.
Not everyone won a trophy, but all the Trailmen has a good time during the Worthy Derby.
The Grand Champion worthy derby winner for 2020.

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