Trailmen Learn a Life Skill

Woodlands from troop OR-1531 had a great time exploring the “repairs” elective. The repairs elective showed the Trailman the advantages of repairing damaged items. They explored the difference between repairs and maintenance, as well as the advantages and disadvantages for repairing something vs. buying something new. They also discussed what things can be repaired, and by whom (themselves, the parents, or a professional).

However the learning really took hold as the Trailmen went from station to station, sewing, taping, gluing, and brushing a variety of broken items. Several dolls, books, cars, and even doll house furniture were repaired. There was also a relay repair race in the middle of the meeting!

The scripture verse for the meeting was from 1 Kings 18:30 where Elijah repaired an altar before an assembly of the people. The Troop discussed how we can “repair” our hearts through prayer, the sacraments (the Eucharist and confession), and by “walking worthy.”

In the foreground, Trailmen repair toys with glue while a book is repaired behind them.
A Trailman takes a metal brush to a rusty pedestal in preparation for painting.
Here a Trailman repairs the dust jacket of a book brought in my the Troopmaster.
Two Trailmen prepare to take needle and tread to a stuffed animal.

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