Working as a Team

It is important for a Trailman to understand what is teamwork? It is a part of the Trailman Oath to “treat others the way we want to be treated” and needed to complete a variety of tasks. Furthermore, teaching teamwork reminds the Trailmen of its many important benefits, but most importantly, that God did not create man to be alone, He designed us to be a part of team – His Church

During the teamwork meeting Troop OR-1531 learned that Teamwork is working together as a group, respectfully and effectively, with everyone doing their share. Between high-octane teamwork activities, the Trailmen answered and discussed questions like, “What are some activities that depend on teamwork?” and “What are things that interfere with cooperation and teamwork?”

All Tied Up. The Patrol stands in a tight circle, and each Trailman reached into the center of the circle and grabsed the hands of two different Trailmen standing across the circle. It was a lot of fun, trying to untangle all the Trailmen while holding hands. The Trailmen could not let go of hands to untangle!

Hot Lava. The Trailmen had to work as a team to get across the “hot lava” with only a few safe places to step!

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