The Six Program Empahses of Trail Life

Program emphases are “big ideas” that run through our program because our movement

considers them indispensable to helping boys become great Christian men.

  1. Wisdom – The skill of putting knowledge to proper use. Facts are like tools—they do their best work in the hands of a master craftsman.
  2. Teamwork – The way people working together can to do more than working alone.
  3. Heritage – The parts of present opportunities and future goals that were made in the past. Americans have a rich heritage built with courage and curiosity, sacrifice and spirituality.
  4. Leadership – Giving the gift of guidance to others. True leadership begins when the arrogance of power gives way to a sense of responsibility.
  5. Character – The four selves: self-respect, self-control, self-reliance, and self-worth. They are the four poles of the tent—let one fall and the tent sags, let two fall and the tent collapses.
  6. Faith – Belief in God that provides the inner strength and confidence that leads to righteous actions based on biblical truth, regardless of temptations or circumstances.