Adventurer Program (Ages 14 to 17)

The Adventurers program is a four year program designed to foster wisdom.  It is a high-adventure, high-energy program for 14-17 years old Trailmen. Each patrol is led by a Patrol Leader selected by their peers.  Adult Trail Guides  are present to offer assistance and mentorship but play a vastly diminishing leadership role as the boys mature and grow in their own leadership skills. Adventurers are also the youth leadership of the Troop.  They lead the Troop as high-profile leaders in the roles of First Officer, Second Officer, and Quartermaster.

The Adventurer Program is different from the Navigators in that Trailmen will be practicing their leadership skills as they earn Awards instead of Ranks, specifically the Journey, Horizon, and Freedom Awards. The Adventurers Awards build upon each other in the requirements of each Award, culminating with the Freedom Award as the highest Award within all of Trail Life USA.  When they earn this award, they become a Freedom Rangeman – one who understands that God’s plan for us includes certain freedoms but also entails great responsibility.

The Adventurers program requires fewer Trail Badges than the Navigators; however
more servant leadership, faith-building activities, and experiences in the community are required to advance. As youth leaders, Troop involvement is a necessary requirement of the advancement program.

Adventurers have six required Trail Badges targeted at the needs of older boys as they rapidly approach manhood.

Adventurers have six required Trail Badges targeted at the needs of older boys as they rapidly approach manhood. They are: Citizenship, Emergency Preparedness, Family Man, Outdoor Life,
Personal Resources, and their choice of a fitness Trail Badge, either Cycling, Fitness, Swimming, or Hiking.”  The Adventurers Program also includes additional work on certain numbers of Elective Trail Badges of their choosing to learn skills in targeted areas

The Freedom Award is the highest award given in Trail Life USA.  The path to Freedom is one that will stretch the Trailman as a young man and hone necessary skills while growing in leadership and service. As a Freedom Rangeman, they will be mature enough to understand the freedom that is found in Christ. It requires completion of defined Freedom Experiences throughout his time as an Adventurer in multiple areas such as community service, civic education, outdoor skills, or faith related activities.

These are intended to engage Trailmen in active citizenry in his community involving those inside and outside of Trail Life. The Adventurer also completes a Servant Leadership Project to put his servant leadership to work in accomplishing a large scale project benefitting his community. He is required to continue active Troop involvement to mentor and encourage other Trailmen while he is completing his award requirements. The Adventurer Worthy Life Award must be completed as he continues to build his understanding and faith in Christ.”