Navigator Program (Ages 11 to 13)

The Navigator’s program is an inspirational and richly rewarding 3 year program for 6th to 8th Grade boys to seek to achieve, mental, moral, emotional, and physical fitness exploring God’s great outdoors. At times, Trailmen are split into peer group patrols to learn and execute the program in small groups.  Trailmen begin to exercise their leadership skills they will need throughout their lives by serving in leadership roles within their patrols along with guidance from Adult leadership called Trail Guides.

The Navigator’s program contains three Ranks that Trailmen work to earn: Recruit, Able and Ready Trailman.  The Navigator’s Rank is achievement based. Each Rank has its own set of requirements leading to learning skills and developing character, building a foundation to be able earn the next rank.  Each Navigator Rank focuses on Trail Badge completion, servant leadership within their patrol, and making sure they maintain troop involvement in meetings, campouts and activities. The capstone rank at the end of the Navigators program is Ready Trailman.

Nine Navigator’s required Trail Badges are completed in the Navigator’s program on the advancement track to Ready Trailman. 
They represent the requisite skills required of Trailmen during their time in Trail Life.
the Elective badges strengthen their knowledge and skills, and help them to round out their experience and deepen their expertise with topics that have personal appeal. 

Trail Life USA has pre-written elective badges available online that Trailman can select from or they have the option to design their own elective badge in an area that interests them within the Design your own Badge guidelines. Trailmen may select their elective badges from one, several, or all of the Frontiers.  There are not specific breakdowns of Frontiers required, only a required number total for advancement. Upon completing an Elective Trail Badge, the Trailman will earn a wooden medallion that can be affixed to the Trailman’s Standard corresponding to the appropriate Frontier for that Badge