Troop Wish List

Thank you for considering provding a little support to the Trailmen of OR-1531.  Each patron who donates can do so anonymously or in person during a Trail Life Meeting or adventure.  I would say the most important item right now is getting the remaining boys into uniforms!  Please remember to keep us in your prayers as well.

Access to Beautiful Places of Camp, Hike, and Fish

Utility Trailer – Weather Proof and Lockable

Guidon Staffs (2)

Teepee Tents – 4 – 10 man (3)

Youth Compound Bows

Pellet Guns

Mess Kits (6)

Thick Rope

6’ Folding Tables

Tough Boxes for Storage

Holy Cards and Religious Items

Portable Altar for Mass

Fishing Gear

Trailman Uniform – Cost $45 – Several boys do not have uniforms.


Trail Life Display – Cost $165 – This display is helpful for sharing with the parish and at outside events the good things happening within Trail Life and Troop OR-1531.


Trail Life Banner – Cost $80 – This banner is for processions, like Corpus Christi and the Feast of St. Joseph, as well as parades.  The Troop already has a banner of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.


Trail Life Troop Flag (Ceremonial) – Cost $90 – This flag is for regular meetings, Honor Court, and inside events at the Archdiocese.  It has the Troop name and the name of our parish on it.  We currently are using our Travel Flag for these events.


Trailman Standard – Cost $50 – for our Navigators and Adventurers, the standard displays their accomplishments.